PROMA selling furniture household items exercise equipment Shelves for goods, stationery and general equipment by Intersite (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Over 20 years, we focus on product development to provide the best quality. We always modernize our products, responding to the need of customers. PROMA has many product types, such as Furniture, housewares, furniture, sofa set, sofa table, bed, bedside table, dining table set, crystal lamp, housewares, decorative materials, home furnishings exercise equipment exercise treadmill semi-stepping machine Exercise bike, home gym set, dumbbell set, yoga equipment, general equipment group shelf Office Supplies/Stationery Solar equipment, solar light set, solar pump set, etc.


Intersite (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
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Trademark : PROMA
Brand Owner: Intersite (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Thank you for your trust in our products. Our products focus on responding smart lifestyle, modern, a high-tech lifestyle that reflects your personality, and we are glad to welcome all dealers. We sincerely hope Proma will increase business opportunities and expand the profits for your shop or organization. Proma offers a wide range of products of good quality, attractive price, and ultramodernity. These qualities make the product easy to sell. Let’s walk and succeed together. Thank you.

– Mr.Manoch Phopraya
– Managing Director




Proma warehouse, we check the quality of products before reaching the customers’ hands.



Fast delivery. We use quality transportation services, which can check every delivery status.



Products safely reach customers’ hands with smart and high technology, which makes our lives easier.

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PROMA will increase business opportunities.

We welcome all dealers. home furniture fitness equipment shelf Stationery and general equipment Modern and luxury home lifestyle


Easy to order

Conveniently order our products in a variety of channels. Customers can order via website / Line add / Facebook / call to order. Or come to buy at the office by yourself.


Fast Delivery

We deliver products to customers according to their destination, fast, safe, receive the products for sure. Via our own transport company or private transport such as EMS/Kerry, Line Man/Grab Bike etc.


Easy to use

Our products are designed to be easy to use, step by step with videos and instruction which are easy to understand, along with a support team providing online after-sales services.


Fully Items

Proma sells furniture, housewares, sofa set, bed, dining table set, crystal lamp There is a wide variety of products. for customers to choose All in one purchase


Firmly Trusted

Products under the Proma brand are managed by companies with over 20 years of experience. We adhere to honesty, excellent customer service, and professional after-sales service.